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3 inch leather money belts with web loops as shown or with leather loops. LB-A 25 loop pistol, LB-C 40 loop rifle, LB-G 25 loop shotshell. Available in any caliber except .22.

Also available in 4 inch width as LB-E 40 leather or web loops for rifle priced at $250. Available in any caliber except .22.


  • Small measures 30"-39", Medium is 34"-43", Medium Plus is 38"-47", Large is 42"- 51". XL is 46"-55 respectivly. These are the actual measurements of each belt. PLEASE order all belts  by the sizing shown--not your current cartridge belt size. To determin your correct size, measure a trouser belt (that fits) from the outer edge of the buckel frame to the most used hole. Add 3 inches and then order the correct size using the numbers shown above. Black leather is $5 extra.


    SPECIAL NOTE: Colors and buckels may vary slightly from those pictured.


    UNCONDITIONAL GUARNTEE: If you are not satisfied with any item return it with origional order form within 10 days for a refund or credit. You must pay for return shipping.

    Orders made to custom specifications not included or pictured in this catalog may not be returned for a refund.


    For questions call (307)745-4171 or email

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