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'Mexican Loop' pattern, 'Cheyenne' variation, Collins Bros. style. For Colt SAA's, Remington M-1875, Ruger. 7 1/2 barrels only. Standard tooling.


  • Please specify make of gun and barrel length ( measure barrel from cylinder face to muzzle), right or left hand or cross-draw. Ornimentation is standard as shown ( see each holsters specifications). Please remember to state color preference as natural, russet or black when ordering . Black leather is $5 extra except on early military holsters or as shown. Orders made to custom specifications not included or pictured in this catalog may not be returned for refund.

    Unconditional guarntee: If you are not satisfied with any item, return it with origional order form within 10 days for a refund or credit. You must pay for return shipping.

    For questions call (307) 745-4171 or email

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